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Hiii, I'm Misha B~ but feel free to call me Lu or Yun too ^^ Friends describe me as a 19 year old pansexual mess that likes Xingyun an unhealthy amount. Any pronouns are okay btw I

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Reading books, TS4, piano, coding, medieval aesthetics, Jenshin & Momkai, iced coffee & boba tea C

Site Guidelines

To Know I block people without notice once they make me uncomfortable, I may sound detached at times, but please do not take it to heart. I make borderline nsfw jokes with my close friend group.

Don't Interact -15, army/k-pooper that does nothing but sexualize asian idols, homophobes & terfs or anything of the sort go frick yourselves m


H Mili, Caravan Palace,, mi_yuu, Kevin Penkin, Niru Kajitsu & Anything Vocaloid/Utaite etc.


i Made in abyss, TBHK, KNY, The Promised Neverland, Spy X Family, Evanglion and more I won't bother to list sorry I'm so tired aaa